Monitor height, positioning, keyboard position.

by Nick Karavias

Another common mistake in my experience is the answer to the old question: What is the most important piece of equipment in the office today?

My answer is one I have been saying since the inception of Bionomics. “In the workplace environment the office chair remains the second most important item…. the first is the operator!” The chair is the direct interface tool for the body to interact with the office environment.

The operator must have the interface with the chair at the most supportive and comfortable to then interact with the rest of the office environment. When I go out to do ergonomic assessments, which is a service we offer here at Bionomics, call my office to schedule one,

so do this simple exercise….

  • turn away from your desk, literally away from the desk.
  • close your eyes and get a sense of your body and of the comfort and support you are getting from your chair. Refer to my article on chair height...
  • Set the chair so that it supports you and gives you the best support and comfort it can.
  • Then what you do is turn around and face your desk.

Now comes the exercise that is rarely done….FIT THE REST OF THE DESK EQUIPMENT TO YOU!!!

Most often than not people are made to adjust themselves to the environment and not the environment to them. If you find yourself as one of these unfortunate souls, change now!

You are the most important piece of equipment in the office don’t let anyone tell you different!