More than just another ergonomic chair

Bionomic helps you achieve

Optimal Spinal Balance + Support

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A revolutionary design

that works to save your entire body from the stress of sitting. The difference is the adjustable patented seat cushion of bionomic® support solutions.

Dr. Jeffrey Herbert - Chiropractor

Over 35 years of Chiropractic experience, Dr. Jeffrey is our founder and you can book an appointment with him.
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Bionomic Executive
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Bionomic Rexa
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Bionomic Task
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Bionomic Mesh
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Bionomic Perching Stool

Our Chairs

are the future of your health and wellbeing in the office space.

Regular Chairs

are the past and who wants that!

Life Changing Results


"For years I suffered back pains caused by sitting at my desk for hours. I still work long hours but thanks to my Bionomic chair, I am now pain free.​"

Lin Wee
Graphic Design AUS

"In my 26 years of Occupational Health I have not observed any other seat on the market that improves the level of comfort required to sit at their desks for extended periods."

Tom Lamont
Ergonomist AUS

"The Bionomic® wedge shaped seat concept emphasizes new physiological features in task seating that are in concert with what US ergonomics have been proposing for decades."

John Hockenberry
Industrial Design USA

I wish to express a wholeheartedly support of the bionomic chair. I believe it is an excellent and exciting product.

Dr.Joseph Sweere
Northwestern Health Sciences University USA

Personalise your chair configuration

Our director Dr. Jeffrey Herbert walks us through the quick process
What symptoms can a bionomic chair help me with?
It helps in the prevention of destructive postural strain by helping you find and access your own personal postural balance.
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What if I slouch? Do I need to think about my posture all the time?
The patented wedge design works with your anatomy and gravity to support you effortlessly when adjusted to your unique body type.
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