Enhance Your Productivity

by Nick Karavias

The ability to concentrate or focus or attend to the task at hand is the foundation of all productivity. Distractions are the nemesis of productivity. As responsible employers is it not our duty to our employees to create and deliver the environments and equipment that supports our staff in this?? Productivity is not just concerned with the numbers but also the direct influences of ineffective equipment that make up the external environmental factors that contribute to the well being of our employees. Non Supportive seating is a major contributor to this! 

Ergonomists know that lowering stress on the body boosts productivity.

"1 hour of productivity is lost daily due to ineffective seating" *

The productivity & well-being of your staff is of utmost importance, here at Bionomic we believe the most important asset of any company is its workforce, this is the the driving force behind the Bionomic Seating System.

If your company doesn't know about this then isn't it time to let them know!!

*Paraphrased quote from Erwin Tischauer

After years of research and public trials the Bionomic Seating System has passed the stringent ATO guidelines to qualify as a medical device.

The results can be found here Research Results. Too many sedentary injuries are caused by ineffective seating, Bionomic has shown its effectiveness in the office and at home.

If your Company or OHS officer is unaware of Bionomic Seating...refer them! Contact Us

Your Occupational Health Officer can explain the benefits of Bionomic seating...