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I can't imagine ever being without my Bionomic® chair! For years I suffered back pains caused by sitting at my desk for hours. I still work long hours but thanks to my Bionomic chair, I am now pain free.

Lin Wee
LinWee Graphics

The greatest benefit of this chair (bionomic) is that you can not slouch. Because of the angle of the seat to the back of the chair your physiology is forced to take on an upright position.

Kerry Silver
The NLP Network

Bendigo health is an organisation that is using Bionomic chairs and have found them to be excellent for staff with disabling back pain or back disability. We are very happy with the results and as such are treating the product within our organisation as a specialty chair.

Bendigo Health

I found your chair (bionomic) to be refreshingly unique in the support it gave me during the many hours of pre-lecture preparations. In fact, with the multifaceted adjustments available within your chair, I feel it goes beyond the realm of mere support and may offer a great deal of therapeutic value to many suffering patients.

Dr. Marc PickSacro
Occipital Association

One of our clients had tried many of the aids and supports in the market. They were working part days due to the issues they were experiencing. We provided them with a Bionomic chair and they are now working full-time and getting relief they haven't experienced for years due to the release of pressure on her spine.

Ascot Commercial ​Interiors

All I can say is thank you for an end result that I never thought would happen, a complete cure. I have been using the chair (Bionomic) for several months now, and it has really changed my health. The chair has prompted me to pay attention to my posture when working and its various controls and contours allow me minutely adjust every facet of the seated position.

David Mast

I found the Bionomic chair so therapeutic, I bought a second one for my home office. The fact that it allows one to vary movement to the point where the chair "moves with you" is wonderful. The design of the chair is extremely comfortable, and supportive, and the flexibility of its adjustment has eased my back problems dramatically. 

  Colleen Harte

OPI are the ACT reseller of Bionomic chairs and have found them to be sourced for people with disabling back pain or back disability. We are promoting the chairs for this purpose and as such listed within our organization as a specialty chair. The chairs have been very effective in helping our clients.

Pertti Leskinen
Office Partners International

It is a product (Bionomic chair) that is ideal for people with disabling back pain or back disability. We have received feedback that these chairs have greatly assisted these clients. These chairs are offered as a specialty chair that is quoted to clients who request a high quality chair to assist with back complaints.

Endo Commercial Furniture

My personal experience with the Bionomic chairs has meant I do not need constant chiropractic care. My alignment of hips and back has vastly improved and now I only need intermitted care. I credit Dr. Jeffrey J. Herbert and his bionomic chair with my ability to remain in control with my alignments and free from constant pain.

Heather Ronngard

I believe this chair (Bionomic) represents a significant step forward in the development of chair design, but that it is most important that the furniture that goes with it fits with the chair so that problems are not transferred from the lumbar to the cervical area.

Geoff McDonald Geoff McDonald & Associates

When adjusted properly, per the instructions provided, the bionomic chair provides the seated worker the maximum opportunity for optimal axial leading resulting in optimum comfort and minimization of fatigue. I wish to express a wholeheartedly support of the bionomic chair. I believe it is an excellent and exciting product.

Joseph Sweere
Northwestern Health Sciences University

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