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A Revolutionary Design based on the Science of Proprioception

Our Story

It is said that out of necessity flows innovation, and in the case of Bionomics history this is absolute!

Back in the early nineties carpal tunnel syndrome was being linked to the postural faults created by unsupportive imbalanced seating in the workplace.Seeing many suffering patients, Dr. Jeffrey Herbert went to the market place to find a suitable product to recommend to his suffering patients.

Much to his disappointment there was nothing that actually took into account of how the human spine worked. There were many whom claimed to be effective and flashed many an attractive woman sitting in a chair with a superimposed graphic showing how the spine was perfect whilst sitting but nothing that actually showed empirical evidence and had a logical account of how they were achieving their results. So Dr. Herbert proceeded to build one!

Using his knowledge of spinal biomechanics and proprioceptive neurophysiology, Bionomic Seating Solutions was born!

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The Bionomic Stool

The Bionomic Perching StoolOffers two paddle adjust-ability for seat height and seat-pan Pitch/tilt adjustment and features the patented Bionomic seat-pan, standard gas-lift, and standard nylon 5-star base and castors.

The Bionomic seat-pan is dynamically adjustable to support your pelvis in efficient postural symmetry with your upper back and head to minimize strain and discomfort.

This stool is perfectly suited for industries that are in need of dynamic seating like reception desks , health, hair, beauty, and spa.pictured the high drafting version.

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Bionomic Chairs

The Office Chair's that everyone wants.

Fully ergonomic/bionomic, that are the epitome of stylish and sleek.​Our chairs feature our patented Bionomic seat, a deluxe 5-star base and a fully ergonomic heavy duty mechanism.The three paddle system offers seat height adjustment, full range back rest adjustment and Bionomic Seat pan​ adjustment to "dial in" that perfect balance!

The flagship of the range and the most popular.

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The science of "Proprioception"

Your sense of Balance and Postural awareness... Bionomic chairs are not just another ergonomic chair.

Designed by a Chiropractic Doctor, Using the Science of Proprioception, the Bionomic patented seatpan supports your pelvis and lower spine in the most symmetrical/efficient posture to minimize muscle stress and strain.

Bionomic seating is ideal for people who suffer from an strain stiffness, discomfort or back pain problems and can act as a preventative measure to support your entire body against the stress of day to day sitting. 

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