Ergo Office

by Nick Karavias

The unique design of the Bionomic seat keeps your spine in the same ‘S’ position as standing by gently cradling the pelvis at the correct angle and eliminates any pressure on the coccyx and sacral joint.

How it works

The most efficient position for your spine is the standing ‘S’ shape that you get when standing up straight. When you are standing your body weight is supported and balanced down through your spinal column and centred in your pelvis. That’s why you don’t need a lumbar support when you stand up!

Normal chairs allow the pelvis to rock backwards when you sit down, which forces the spine out of it’s ideal ‘S’ position. The Bionomic design holds your pelvis in the same position as standing up and allows your spine to stay in the ideal ‘S’ shape.

Is it comfortable?

Oh yes…try it for yourself.

Designed by a spinal expert & chiropractor. Comes with medium back and standard height adjustable armrests.