Adjusting your chair

Step 1: adjusting the height

Feet should rest flat on the floor allowing the legs to freely move with the chair in different positions. Calf muscles in the legs relaxed. Knees need to be positioned slightly below the hips.


Step 2: adjusting the seatpan

The unique forward and backward adjustability of the patented bionomic® seat cushion allows you to adjust to multiple postures always returning you to balance with gravity. Find the position that feels balanced and holds your upper body upright, without falling forward and no strain or body weight on your legs.


Step 3: adjusting the backrest

The bionomic® backrest movement spans the entire lumbar spine. Bring the back rest forward towards your lower back and nestle it into your lumbar spine. Adjusting the back height is neccessary to achieve correct postion.


Step 4: adjusting the arms

Adjust armrests height until they are at a comfortable supportive position. Too high and your shoulders will be elevated, too low and you will have to slump or lean to one side. Both these positions can cause back and neck pain strain.

Test to see if correct seating posture has been obtained. Stand up without pushing off from the arms of the chair, if you can stand straight up without feeling pressure in your legs, correct chair adjustment has been attained. Small adjustments can be made any time to your bionomic® chair.